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It has been 28 years since the fateful day when the Gift, the mystical process that allowed some living individuals to return to fight again, as living, first made its mark on history. With it, the undead hoardes of the foul necromantic organization that had plagued the continent of Aradoth for nearly three centuries, the Withered Aegis, were beaten back into an uneasy stalemate and a sort of peace, imperfect but there, finally reached the hearts of living races that had spent lifetimes in strife and war. In peace, such as it is, populations grow and evolve, industry progresses, invention and art become more than mere luxuries.
And politics begins to eat away at the prosperity it has wrought.
This is the state of Aradoth. A nation enjoying an alliance and a respite from the terror and hopelessness that plagued it not too long ago. A nation with an entire generation who no longer see the war as a hopeless inevitability, who are used to the presence of the impossible in their midst.
A nation as varied as its people.
A nation struggling to grow and to stretch its limbs after its long struggle, even as it continues it’s fight to break the stalemate.
A peace old enough for politics to start getting in the way, but young enough still that the Aradothean Empire will hold fast and sturdy.
This, the Istarian contident of Aradoth in the year 28 AR (After Ritual), is where our story begins…

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