• Kayanne Sarn-Black

    Kayanne Sarn-Black

    A human girl with a bad attitude.
  • Shawn Sawyer

    Shawn Sawyer

    This 12 year old boy has been travelling with Kaya from day 1... but what is he, really?
  • "Strider"


    Who is this Dark and mysteriously dangerous man? What is his game?
  • Malak Khamar-al-Adid

    Malak Khamar-al-Adid

    A handsome young Vielo seeking the human woman who stole his heart since childhood. Will he find her?
  • Myri Kirken

    Myri Kirken

    A strange and terrifying girl that is the bodyguard to Ralph Angoret... Just what is she?
  • Paris


    A Satyr Brothel Owner who has traumatized Kaya on multiple occasions now
  • Ralph Angoret

    Ralph Angoret

    A powerful man in charge of the Alavaranye organization in Tazoon, but who appears to always have his nose in a book. Just what is he doing?!
  • Suye


    The Lord of Shapeshifters, the Master of Espionage, the Moon God... And Shawn Sawyer
  • Traerg and Aminth Feldholt

    Traerg and Aminth Feldholt

    The brother and sister tavernkeeper duo that work hard to keep their establishment up and running