Malak Khamar-al-Adid

A handsome young Vielo seeking the human woman who stole his heart since childhood. Will he find her?


Race: * Vielo
Alignment LG
Class: Lvl 4, lvl 1 healer
Health: 25
AC: 10+5= 15

STR: 10
DEX: 10
INT: * 16
*WIS: * 18
*CON: * 14
*CHA: * 18

Base Attack Bonus: +3

Quarterstaff: 1d6/1d6

Healer’s Touch: 8pt damage healed per day

Fortitude: +3
Reflex: +2
Will: +5

Appraise: +1+3= 4
Concentration: +4
2 =6
Craft (potion): +5
3= 8
Move Silently: +1=
Heal: +6+4= 10
Knowledge (Nature): +4
3= 7
Knowledge (the Planes): +3
3= 6
Knowledge (Religion): +4
3= 7
Survival: +4
4= 8
Perception: +1
4= +5
Speak Language: +2

  • Class abilities: *
    Healer’s Touch (su) – Healers are natural conduits of strength and well being. Each day, with a touch a healer may heal damage equal to 2 times their healer level times their charisma modifier. A healer may choose to split this total as they wish amongst as many or few uses and recipients as they wish so long as the total is not exceeded. Using this ability is a standard action.
    Positive Attunement (su) – Healers are dedicated to their art, and surpass even clerics with their Life magics. A healer may add his or her Charisma modifier if applicable to any healing type spell he/she casts (+4)

Special Abilities

~ Darkvision 60ft

~Elemental endurance (Can survive on any plane as if it was at most a severe environment. There may be a time limit to this on some planes)

~Plane Shift: Can step from one plane into any other plane, including between the three planes of the Prime. They may bring up to 6 people, so long as all are holding hands. This is difficult to do under great stress, however, so use in battle is limited.


~Iron Will: +2 to all will saving throws

~Improved Initiative: +4 to initiative checks

Spells per day:

Level = Number


bonus spell at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level spells

Spells known:

Cure Light Wounds
Create Water
Detect Poison
Purify Food and Drink
Cure Moderate Wounds
Lesser Vigor
Bless Water
Endure Elements
Entropic Shield
Remove Fear
Restoration, Lesser
Shield of Faith

Chain Shirt +4 AC
Ring of Protection +1

Healer’s Kit
Alchemy Lab
Obsidian and Ruby Bracelet (90gp worth)
Simple agate ring (carved with matching designs by a craftsman) x2 (12gp each)
Courtier-quality Vielo Garb
Spell Component Pouch
Cure Light Wounds potion x2
Rations x 4

88 GP GP

Languages: Vielo, Vielo Tradetongue, Imperial, Barasavian, Celestial, Elvish


Malak is very tall for a vielo, with smooth skin midtoned for his kind and dreadlocks with red-dyed tips and some dyed white streaks, tied with dull orange threads. He has a prominent aquiline nose and a sharply defined hawkish face, but his kind blue-grey eyes lend his features a softness that he would not have otherwise. With his lightly muscled lean build, he is fairly attractive. He wears beautiful cloths in the Vielo style, orange on sooty orange, his favorite color, attached with a complicated beaded belt that, to any vielo, has a pattern that marks him as a healer and initiated adult. He wears a beautiful bracelet seemingly crafted from a chunk of obsidian that somehow had rubies already embedded into it, a relic he picked up while his family were travelling in the Elemental plane of fire.


Malak Khamar-al-Adid

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