Rhychor and Mother


From: Blights Edge: Wolfsong

Name: Crying-Brave-Pup “Rychor” and Frozen-Ash-on-Fur “Mother”
Personality (Basic): Rychor: Quiet, Soft spoken, Brave, Steadfast. Mother: Belligerent, Distrustful, Harsh, Caring
Most of his clothes are made of wolf fur- his former pack, murdered by rampaging werewolves
Not usually talkative, it is only Kaya’s ability to speak as a wolf that has him talking.
Tactics: Stalk monstrous prey, prevent them from stalking you, set traps, and attack from behind. Use rage and fear to your advantage- try to deal with them quickly. If the fight drags on, you are only human. Strike hard, strike fast, and get out if things go afoul. Lick your wounds and strike again before they can regroup.
Description: Rychor is a big, soft-looking man with dullish brown eyes that gain an almost demonic glint to them when enraged and focused.His grey hair and pale skin show up well against the wolfskin cloak and hat he wears. He appears to be very prepared and has an inordinate amount of silver for a bounty hunter or whatever he is. His wolf, Frozen-ash-on-fur, is his adopted mother and is a large light grey wolf with darker spots. She is covered with scars and has a permanently fierce expression
Location: Originally from the Northern Aradothean tundra, but now in Tazoon looking for bounties
(From Mother’s Perspective)
I was the alpha female of a pack up north, where its hard to survive. Food is scarce and all you can depend on is family and the occasional scrap in your belly. But we’re tough wolves, able to handle whatever comes our way, not like those pansy forest wolves that have full bellies and cozy warm lairs. Those soft paws couldn’t handle a blizzard if it came blowing into their lairs, but we can. We go toe to toe with unnatural things, with great white wolves that breathe ice and with rabid Human-wolves. And we survive and are stronger for it.
Now this human boy, he was abandoned on our mountainside by his sire and dam, probably because it was a lean year for them. Wasn’t for us, we were feasting on their caribou. They should have protected them better. Too bad for them, great for us.
So good for us that we didn’t immediately snap up the little morsel. Clearly I was weakened by the abundant food and maybe by old age, because I adopted the little pink wiggly thing as my own pup to add to my litter.
By the time I thought I regretted my descision, he was too big to kill off and was a damn good pack pup. Good enough anyway. Soft in the head, but strong in body and good at holding things. Its easier to drag a good caribou to the pups in the den when you’ve got hands, and so the boy-pup made himself useful. The fact that he ate green stuff helped too- he didn’t take so much from the rest of the pack.
And he was respectful of his Ma. Me. Right respectful. Things went well, they did.
And then those rabid freaks came along. They had no reason to attack us, I suppose they were all young man-wolves eager to show off how fierce and raging they were. Even our own pups don’t do that kind of rampage. Its wasteful. Clearly these man-wolves are touched in the head by the cold.
They killed my entire pack- I got some of the pups behind some of the rocks, but they were found, cache by cache as me and the man-pup watched. They were coming for our place and I was all set to fight, but the boy dragged me out into the woods. We had a great view of the carnage and of their cannibalism and riotous shouting.
I was angry, yes, but As long as I live so does the pack. Death is not a stranger to me… But the boy.. he was angry. Maybe its a human thing. He took the skins of our pack and sewed it into a new false-skin-covering for himself and began to track them, learn their ways, hunt the man-wolves as they hunted all else. Never say I am not a supportive mother. I accompanied him and aided him. The little pink squirmy thing was growing into a fierce warrior of the pack which we no longer had, right before my eyes. And when he killed his first man-wolf with my help I could not help feeling proud of him.
His reasons make little sense, but he is good to his mother and I admit there is a satisfaction in killing them as they did us. I am old now, so I cannot start a new pack. But if my aid can help this adopted child of mine survive and find a mate of his own, then the pack can continue.
But it had better be the right mate, someone tough who knows whats what, not some cushy city-human or whatever those pointy eared things are, and certainly not some forest wolf-girl from the warm lands!!!
Maybe a giant human. She’d keep my pup in line.

Relevant Information:
Rychor works as a bounty hunter to support his expensive lycanthrope-hunting equipment, as well as belladonna, in case he catches one of the active Lycanthropy strains instead of the more common dormant strains.
His tracking of Lycanthropes can only be described as brutal and predatory. He is more cunning than his intellect and soft demeanor would reveal. He often stays on their trail for days, manipulates them into his traps, and then kills them without mercy. To him, they are not people.
His motives are both revenge and protection and, while he isnt above using bait, he will do all he can to ensure that no harm comes to innocent bystanders.

Class Composition/ planning: next feat: Improved Favored Enemy (Complt Warrior),


Race: * Human
Alignment LN
Class: Ranger variant 4
AC: 10+3=13

STR: 16
DEX: 10
INT: * 8
*WIS: * 18
*CON: * 10
*CHA: * 8

Base Attack Bonus: +4

Silvered Woodcutter’s Axe: 1d6-1 slashing damage

+1 Silvered Longspear: 1d8 piercing damage

Werewolf’s Bane Crossbow: 1d10, 19-20. +2 and +2d6 against Silver-vulnerable lycanthropes

Fortitude: +4
Reflex: +4
Will: +1


Craft (Trapmaking): +6+4= 10
Climb: +2
3= 5
Jump: +2
3= 5
Hide: +3
Move Silently: +3
Sense Motive: +5
Swim: +3
Use Rope: +3
Knowledge (Nature): +4
Heal: +1
4= 5
Survival: +6
4= 10
Perception: +2
4= +6
Speak Language: 1

  • Class abilities: *
    Favored Enemy:
    Lycanthropes and other silver-vulnerable Shapeshifters: 2
    Wild Empathy
    Rage 2/day, -2AC +4 Str +4 Con bonus to will saves, for 3
    new Con mod= 5rnds
    Animal Companion (Link, Share Spells)


Improved Initiative: +4 to initiative

Rapid Reload

Intimidating Rage: while raging, can designate a single foe within 30ft, can attempt to demoralize as a free action. Remains so for duration of rage. Can only be used on one foe per encounter.

Spells per day: (+1 bonus spell up thru lvl 4)

Level = Number

Spells known:
Pass without trace: one subject/level leaves no tracks

Silvered Woodcutter’s Axe
+1 Silvered Longspear
Werewolf’s Bane Crossbow
+1 Leather armor

40 Bolts

Silvered Bear Trap (CR 4, DC 21 to craft; Search DC 26; Disable Device DC 15 (Hidden Switch); BaB 20; Does 1d65; Grabs, Hobbles, and Immobilizes unless a DC 20 Str check can be done. Does 1d4 each attempted strength check. Materials cost 4290 GP) x 2

Winter Blanket
Arctic Gear (Mainly more wolf Fur, +1 AC)
Flint and Steel
Rations x 6
Antitoxin x1

PT: 0 GP: 30 SP: 0 CP: 4

Mother: Dire Wolf, Large

STR: 24
DEX: 15
*INT: * 5
*WIS: * 14
*CON: * 16
*CHA: * 7

HP: 45
AC: 14
BaB: 4, +5,, 10ft reach
Bite 1d8

Fort: 8
Ref: 7
Will: 6

Intimidate: +5
Hide: +3
Perception: +7
Move Silently: +4
Survival: +4

Languages: Wolf, Mahgran, Imperial (Patchy, has trouble with it)


Rhychor and Mother

Blights Edge: Wolfsong draconicfeline