Shawn Sawyer

This 12 year old boy has been travelling with Kaya from day 1... but what is he, really?


Race: * Human
Alignment CG
Class: Lvl 4: Monk 1, Rogue 3
Health: 19
AC: 10+2+2=14

STR: 10
DEX: 16
INT: * 16
*WIS: * 9
*CON: * 9
*CHA: * 16

Base Attack Bonus: +1

~Unarmed Strike: 1d8

~Stunning Fist: DC 13,

~Nekode: 1d4 piercing
(+1 to Climb)

~Flurry of Blows: -1/-1

~Blowgun: 1 damage

~ Short Sword, Silvered: 1d6-1, crits on 19/20

Fortitude: 3
Reflex: 6


Balance: +2+3= 5
Bluff: +6
3= 9
Climb: +2
4= 6
Diplomacy: 2
2= 4
Disguise: +1
3= 4
Escape Artist: +5
3= 8
Gather Information: +4
2+2= 9
Move Silently: +3
3= 6
Perception: +1
2= 3
Disable Device: +3
3= 6
Sleight of Hand: 4
3= 7
Sense Motive: +3= +3
Hide: +4
3= 7
Jump: 2
0= 2
Open Lock: +1
3= 4
Tumble: +12
3= +15

  • Class abilities: *
    Sneak attack 2d6
    Trapsense +1


~Stunning Fist: Declare this Feat. Attack opponent. Foe damaged by unarmed attack must make a DC 10+lvl/2+Wis modifier or be stunned.
Stunned= A stunned creature drops everything held, can’t take actions, takes a -2 penalty to AC, and loses his Dexterity bonus to AC
Can be used 1/day/4 levels

~ Ascetic Rogue:
Whenever Stunning Fist is used with a Sneak attack, add +2 to the DC
ALSO, levels in rogue and monk levels stack for unarmed strike.
ALSO, Rogue and monk may freely multiclass

+2 to gather Information and perception checks

~Weapon Finesse

Skill Tricks 2/2
Slipping Past: May move into tight spaces with no penalties
Acrobatic Backstab

Short Sword, Silvered
Padded Armor
Monk’s Outfit

Basket and Backpack
Blowgun darts x 57
Thieves tools
Fishing rod (Wood, stick, string, and a hook)
Map of Aradoth
Clay pitcher
Winter Blanket

Potion of cure light wounds x2
Pass Without Trace x1
Soulgem Greater (restores 13sp) x1
Unconciousness Poison Dc 13, unconciousness, Unconciousness for 2d4 hours x2

Rations x 2
Dried meat (3each) x2
Dried fruit (apricots) x 3 bags
Ginger Root x 3

Textbook: Blight Demon Summoning Rituals 101 in High Kwellen
Textbook: Liri Guide to the Planes in Imperial
Teddy Bear
Travelers outfit
Entertainers Outfit
Peasant’s outfit

0pt 33 gp 46sp 12cp GP

170gp in the bank

Languages: Mahgran, Imperial, Morathavian

Shawn is a boy of about 10-13 in the awkward slightly pimpled preteen gangly stage. He is a partial Albino, a look not uncommon in Morathavia. He is heterochromatic: one eye is pale grey and the other is normal albino pink-white. He has very pale skin interspersed with uneven freckles. He is quick and agile, but he is surprisingly muscled for his strength.


Shawns Journal

Shawn Sawyer

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