Aradothean Gods list

THESE ARE THE GODS YOU KNOW (there are others you do not know due to their obscurity, but may unlock)

Major Gods:

Istara CG, Goddess of Creation, Inspiration (including Invention), and Motherhood (Domains: Artifice, Creation, Madness, Healing)

Alyssa LG. Goddess of Nature and Immortality. (Domains: Plant, Animal, Purification, Healing)

Galderos NG. God of Animals and the Hunt, also Cunning. (Animal, Community, Travel, Glory)

Brobbet LN. God of the Law. (Domains: War, Glory, Earth )

Daggarth CE. God of Strength. (Domains: War, Domination, Destruction, Strength)

Merrasat LG. God of the Sun and Knowledge. (Domains: Knowledge, Sun, Healing, Good)

Nyrevin TN. Goddess of Death and Rebirth. (Domains: Repose, Purification, Liberation, Protection)

Niatha Moraven NE. Goddess of Magic, Envy, and Vengeance. (Domains: Magic, Destruction, Charm, Cold)

Elemental Gods:

Istaria TN. Font of Reality. (Domains: Magic, Earth, Fire, Water, Air)

Drulkar LN. God of Fire. (Domains: Fire, Domination, Strength)

Minor Gods:

Bachantus CN. God of Art and Revelry. (Domains: Liberation, Trickery, Madness)

Markus CN. God of Thieves and the Night. (Domains: Darkness, Luck, Trickery)

Tademos and Vinsi NG. Gods of Platonic and Romantic love. (Domains: Community, Luck, Dream)

Kaasha NG. God of Rain and the South (Domains: Water, Weather, Community)


Ayurlon CN. God of Animals. (Domain: Animal, Travel, Liberation)

Rinuli CN. Goddess of Plants, (Domain: Plant, Travel, Healing)

Aradothean Gods list

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