Races of Istaria

Half Giant
Half Giants are the big, hardy, burly human like creatures of the far north, considered to be VERY closely related to humans. They may also be related to the enigmatic and rare giants of their home island of Trandladar.
They tend to be loud and boisterous and favor occupations where they can use their sturdy build and large strength to their advantage. Magic is accepted as a necessity, but, other than skalds and shamans, finds little status in their strength-obsessed culture.
Their patron god is Daggarth, god of Strength.

The elves are the beautiful delicate martial folk of the Eastern Aradothean forests. they are known for being humanoid, but with sharp features and incredible grace. they tend towards tactical strikes that take advantage of their intense discipline and natural bow skill, striking from on high and from afar before striking up close and on the ground.
Their attempts to live with nature yet be civilized and apart from it have created some amazing architecture, and they are one of the most politically adept species, rivaled only by the fiends.
Their patron god is Galderos, who is among other things a god of strategy.

The beautiful, magically adept, scheming, blue skinned, horned and tailed fiends were of human stock once, the same group that bred the Withered Aegis. But they chose a path other than exile and dark forces, a path offered to them by the goddess of magic and vengeance. She graced those that took her deal with great beauty and power, as well as the ability to survive in the frozen tundra that would be their home, but marked them with her color of blue and her horns and tail. They are a sly folk, and are fond of political intrigue, particularly where it involves backstabbing, sometimes with a knife. They are also fond of vengeance, and often have clauses in their laws to excuse acts of vengeance. As a sorcerous society, they tend to look down on physical strength, though some of their members are well aware of the need for balance.
Their patron goddess is Niatha Moraven, goddess of magic, lust, and vengeance.

Humans are a varied folk. Aradoth alone has three human nations: Morathavia, Dalimond, and Tazoon, not to mention the various scattered small villages and the tribes in the tundra. They are capable of great extremes of mind and body, of great heroism and great evil, of great openess and great rigidity. And such.
They have many patron gods, but they are considered one of Istara’s own personal creations.

Dragons are big flying fire lizards. The martial traditionalist faction, the Lunus, live in the volcanic lands of Dralk to the NW, while the scholarly, more open faction, the Helians, live in the ‘temporary’ city of Chiconis, East of Dalimond. Whatever faction, arrogance and superiority are rampant. They no longer are able to grow naturally, requiring spiritual rites of passage to advance physically.
In their interactions with the bipedal races, the Naka Duscael (unscaled), they have invented an alternate smaller bipedal form to allow them to enter buildings and such. They tend to live in large stone lairs, and are the only users of a crystal called Azulyte to create devices and lighting for their lairs.
Their patron god is Drulkar, the god of fire.

Dwarves are stoic, sturdy folk of the mountains. They are shorter than a human, though they resemble a stocky version of one. They are adept with most martial forms and are fond of beards and alcoholic beverages. They tend to stick by their values, no matter what. They are known for their excellent crafstmanship… and beer. Obviously.
Their patron god is Brobbet, the god of Law.

Gnomes are indefeatigable folks, they are short with oversized heads and nimble hands. They are brilliant, but somewhat nuts. They are able to invent incredible technologies… and some bizzare ones. Which, more often than not, explode.
They are inquisitive and adventurous, and usually friendly.
their patron goddess is Istara, the goddess of creation and invention.

The catfolk are lithe and fast, usually martially adept but not in the same kind of discipline. They do their own thing.
They come in many varieties and do many different things. Rarely can the species be lumped into a specific role, though they take well to unarmed combat and to courier duties. They dabble in invention and cooking, but, like humans, they do a bit of everything.
Their patron god is the sun god, Merrasat

The genderless, partially assexual warm-blooded jungle lizard folk are good friends with their saris neighbors who offered them sanctuary from persecution. They are generally calm and serious, professing a love of the natural world and a deep respect for shamans. They are physically strong, but their main ability is in their ability to heal from damaging blows. They are also talented craftspeople, and many sslik have skill in at least one trade. They are polite and helpful, but they have long memories and their persecution at the hands of the other races of Aradoth (aside from the saris) has not been forgotten, though their grudges have been set aside due to the looming threat of the Aegis. But if and when the Aegis no longer threaten them, these grudges may return, and what they choose to do with those grudges is unknown.
Their patron god/ess is the Rain-serpent, Kaasha.


The satyr used to be a great civilization from the Eastern Aradothean contident beyond the Barrier mountains, with holdings in the Western Islands, known for its art, trade, and bodily freedoms. They were conquered by the Aegis and enslaved alive using foul mind-controlling contraptions on their Western Aradothean cities, their slavery not ending in death due to foul undeath. They were freed by the living races and joined the fight with a firey wrath and vengeance, fighting like rabid animals. They are posessed of a feral grace, and are firm in their desire to no longer be controlled. They have been integrated as refugees into Aradothean society, and their deep psychic wounds are slowly healing.


The Dryad are the tiny ageless fairy folk who are greatly in tune with life itself. They are kind and gentle teachers, having taught the Satyr and others about how to live in tune with nature, and later the elves.
When the Aegis rose, they were at the forefront. Their magical might managed to hold the undead from their tree-city of Palmyra, but they knew they could not do so for long, so they removed themselves and their city to a plane known as the Rift, to await a time when they might actually be able to help fight the Undead.
They were summoned and their help was greatly appreciated.
Their patron Goddess is Alyssa, the goddess of life and nature.


The Vielo are mysterious trader folk. Though humanoid, they are not of aradothean stock, nor are they actually human. They sell valuable materials either rare or not found on Aradoth, stay for a time, and vanish after trading, seemingly without a trace, only to return. They have great knowledge of the planes and of the workings of the universe.
nobody knows much about these folk that have provided advice for a price.
Their patron god is unknown, though comments MAY indicate that their patron MAY be the millenia-dead god Mynvashi. However, other comments indicate that it is Mirael, the goddess of fate who is their patron. They do not confirm or deny either option.

Races of Istaria

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